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The Light City of Karola

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72 hours | 29-31 July'17 | Custom Engine (C++/SDL/OpenGL)

I joined Ludum Dare 39 with my friend @francesctovar and we made this little platformer game. The theme of the jam was: Running out of energy.

It was the first Game Jam where I used a custom engine in C++, handmade by me. It was not without its difficulties but I am very proud of what we achieved during the weekend!

PD: We have been improving the level design after the jam. You can download the latest version of the game on itch.io.


Karapö: A Tale of Bear Humorism

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72 hours | 22-24 August'15 | Unity

For Ludum Dare 33, I made this game with Helena. The theme was I am the Monster. It is the most experimental game I have done and the less 'arcadey'.

It is my first try at making a videogame that conveys feelings to the player.

The art is made by Helena :)

Windows (13.2 MB) Mac OS X (15.6 MB)

Piano Racer Reborn!

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@turmixs, @davidllanos22 and I are Speedy Raptors Collective!

We have been working on this prototype a little bit more and have a new version to show. We will show it at Gamelab and wherever else we can!


Tower Of The Screaming Bullets

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72 hours | 18-20 April'15 | GameMaker

Once more with @turmixs and @davidllanos22 for LD32. This has been our most complex jam game to date.The Ludum Dare theme was An Unconventional Weapon. We designed a weapon that shot bulllets that came back at you, sort of a methaphor for how when you do wrong, things come to haunt you later... There is also a mechanic that allows you to get the bullet back without harm.


A Sheepdog's Arcade

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48 hours | 23-25 January'15 | GameMaker

Another game with @turmixs and @davidllanos22, this time for the Global Game Jam 2015. Theme this time was What do we do now? and we decided to make a game where the sheep are eager to be commanded by this sheepdog that you control.

I used Steering Behaviors to implement the movement of the sheep and I am really satisfied with the end result.

I have a half-written postmortem about this jam that I may finish some day...

Windows (3.5 MB) Mac OS X (3.7 MB)

Piano Racer

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72 hours | 5-8 December'14 | GameMaker

This game is the result of a collaboration with @turmixs and @davidllanos22 for LD31. The theme was Entire Game on One Screen. I am really happy with how this game jam developed and with the resulting game that came of it.

Windows (2.4 MB) Mac OS X (2.4 MB)


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6 days | 10-15 November'14 | GameMaker

I made this game for the 7DFPS Game Jam. This Jam had no theme so I decided to make a personal game about a recurring dream I have had since I was a child.

I wrote a postmortem about it.

The game has more story elements than my previous ones but less pure gameplay. Anyway, I am quite happy with the results since it was my first attempt at a FPS. Currently the game consists only of 2 out of the 5 levels I initially designed the game to be but I plan to finish the rest some time in the future.

Windows (2.2 MB) Mac OS X (2.3 MB)

Viewpoint Twins

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48 hours | 24-25 October'14 | GameMaker

This is my game from LD30 and the theme was "Connected Worlds". I was quite down on the theme when I first heard about it but I am quite happy with how this one turned out.

I wanted this LD to be an excercise in design and specifically level design. I had not been making a lot of it in my previous games even though I had been reading a lot about it. I can really recommend the book "A Game Design Vocabulary: Exploring the Foundational Principles Behind Good Game Design" by Anna Anthropy and Naomi Clark. It is in my opinion beyond the other books currently out about the subject.

I was surprised while developing the game that a simple set of rules of interaction between both twins created some very interesting results and I think the system could be further explored...

Windows (2.2 MB) Mac OS X (2.2 MB)

Hammerhead Sharks Against Humanity

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48 hours | 26-27 April'14 | HaxeFlixel

I made this game for LD29, for the 48h compo, and the theme was "Beneath the Surface". I am very interested in exploring the possibilities that controlling more than one entity can have in gameplay and this experiment allowed me to try a little bit of it.

My original idea for this game included a Killer Whale enemy that would hurt your Sharks and eventually kill all of them. I also would have included some kind of mechanic for attacking the Whale but time did not permit and the finished game is not much more than a mindless run for the High Score.

I made this game in HaxeFlixel and even though design-wise I am not very proud, I think controlling the group of Sharks is still quite enjoyable.


2 Raptors and 100 Bullets

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5 days | 24-28 February'14 | Flixel (AS3)

I made this game after reading about the importance of finishing what you start (1, 2) and it is in fact my first finished game (Not counting the one my team made for Global Game Jam 2014, Dragon vs Princess).

I made it in 1 week and there was not a lot of design involved... I had been toying with AS3 and Flixel, had a piece of code that generated rooms procedurally laying around from a tutorial I ported from Javascript and I thought I could use it for this experiment.

I may expand upon this prototype some day...